Business Customer Segmentation

Many current approaches to customer segmentation split the business partners of a bank according to the following “classic” topics:

  • Industry
  • Facility size
  • Age of company
  • Marked position
  • Type of contacts
  • Legal status of company.


  • What needs do customers have within each of these “segments”?
  • How will these needs be dealt with in future?

Our strategy is to work with “clusters of needs” to be tailored to an efficient marketing and make use of this efficiency to go far beyond traditional approaches.
The success of marketing is the primary goal, as it ultimately provides precise customer segmentation, which should be the prerequisite for a successful market.
TAF Consulting Ltd together with the School of Business Administration in Fribourg has developed a novel scientific approach to a need-based segmentation of our customers.

We will enjoy helping our customers to make use of this concept in their bank – so let us know about it!