Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study figures out how to realize the progress acknowledged through the Opportunity Study. The starting point is to identify the relevant strategies. 

As we are not linked to any provider, we evaluate possibilities with criteria permitting to understand the advantages and disadvantages. 

The objective and result of such a strategy are to enable enterprises to take decisions based on all the relevant information. 

Know-how is necessary as in some areas the choice may be between “in-house” or “outsourcing”, or “local” and “central” in other processes, possibly working with one or several providers. Our role is to make enterprises focus directly on the relevant possibilities and to analyze them applying criteria which can be weighed according to their own wishes. 

The final result is a limited choice of assessed possibilities which can be used to realize savings and other identified progresses. This step also includes a basic business plan helping to understand the economic aspects, as there will be a cost to get the projected advantages. The pay-back period is mostly shorter than one year.